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How To Fund Merrybet With Atm Card Online

Sports betting in Nigeria has really taken off since the mid-2000s, with thousands of sports betting
 retail outletslocated all around the major cities and towns.
Since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, online sports betting has also started to gain in popularity 
with many local Nigerian sports betting companies now offering sports betting 
via shops,desktop and mobile platforms.
One such company is merry bet .
From 2011,2012 through 2016 till now merrybet has remain one of the leading sport
betting website in Nigeria that boost of great odds for their teaming online and offline subscribers.
merry bet Nigeria has so have a one time payout system which enable users especially
online users to quickly withdraw their winning ,
It may also interest you that merry bet mobile has a easy online and ATM funding methods 
with allowed users to deposit fund into their account with ATM Machine nearby or
 fund online directly from merry bet website with their masters , visa ATM cards on line
 without having to go to the bank.

merrybet offers customers great sporting opportunities such as volleyball , basketball
,virtual football, racing ,hockey , tennis and soccer etc 

With Merry bet customers have a chance to place bet on live matches
 ,you also have lots of option to stake on, can win up to a maximum of 3million at one bet.
N/B if you want to place bet online with your mobile phone be it android ,
 BlackBerry or old simba phone that accept at least opera mini software on it
you need to register and login then fund directly on merrybet website with your ATM card.