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How To Fund Your NairaBet Account With Your Bank Atm Card Online


You can now fund your NairaBet account with your Bank Atm card

You can deposit fund into your nairabet online account if you want to play with your new mobile/ old mobile phones depending on your choice when your type in www.nairabet.com on your moblie phone or with your laptop.

NB: Accepted Cards are Interswitch Verve cards and Naira Master Cards.

 Remember you must login to make deposit into your nairabet account. click here to register with them if you do not have online account.

* Deposit fees charge applies:

If you use WebPay as your nairabet deposit option, they will apply a deposit fee of 1.5%. Maximum charge is N2,000. That means if you wish to credit your NairaBet account with 1,000Naira, your card would be charged 1,015.23 Naira only. If you do not want this charge, please contact an agent to credit you without charge.

* Reports of Unauthorized use of a third party's ATM card would result in your account being suspended, and the funds including any wins may not be released to you.
* By using the Interswitch portal at NairaBet.com, you agree to our terms and conditions.

How To Make Payments with Interswitch Webpay:

Step One: You should have either an Interswitch powered 

debit card, Verve card or Naira Master Card. 

Step Two: Click on the 'Deposits' Link,at right top of your

 browser  after you have login and then on the'Pay with 
your card' option. 

Step Three: Enter the amount you want to fund your

 account with and click on  next,accept and then confirm .
You'll be directed to the payment gateway page. 

Step Four: On the payment gateway,
select your card type.
(leave every other option like Email and password, 
just select your card type as seen below the email and
 password option) 
 Step Five: provide card details, pin and whatever 
other information is required and click on pay.
Step SIX: Once you enter your card details and
 click on pay,a one time password will be 
send to your phone number call OPT enter it in the next 
page as seen below. 
Step seven: click on continue and You'll be redirected 
to a status page, where you can view the status 
of your transaction. 

Step eight: If your transaction is successful, 

your NairaBet account would be funded instantly, 
and you can make use of the funds. 

If you have any challenges please contact Nairabet at


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