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How To Fund your Bet9ja account using Quickteller’s easy online


How To Fund your Bet9ja account using Quickteller’s easy online payment method.

So many people have been asking me this questions "how can i fund my bet9ja account online" pls help. I just opened a bet9ja acct and I want to fund it. so I need help on how to fund a bet9ja acct"
how can I pay into my 9ja account via atm card online" etc with several other questions .

Bet9ja has just role out a simple method of funding your online account online with your Atm card via Quickteller.
But before you do that you need to have and online account with Bet9ja.com ,if you have already  registered go straight to the steps below . But if do not have account ,you can Register for free by VISITING www.Bet9ja.com and complete the form provided to get registered.


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