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1960bet is one of the leading betting website in Nigeria.
They boost of high odds, bonus and payout winnings quick.
They also offers lots of sport betting options like football, basketball , hockey, rubby ,virtual sport like racing, football and many other sport for your betting delight.
They accept online customers who want to bet with their phones and laptop at the comfort of their room with out going to shop to bet.
you can also book game with your phone/laptop and bet in any of 1960bet shop around. No matter your kind of phone as long as you can brows with it is enough to place bet on 1960bet new and old phone platform.
First name & last name,
your address,
date of birth and finally
pone number.
Fill the form properly then submits ,make Sure you login to your email and confirm the registration because a link will be Send to the email address you provided for authenticity.

Join 1960BET Now For A Massive Welcome Bonus.
First, register for your FREE account now and then deposit at least 1,000 NGN. And we'll match 100% of your deposit up to 50,000 NGN.
For example, if you deposit 1,000 NGN we'll add an extra 1,000 NGN FREE. If you deposit 20,000 NGN or more, we'll add 20,000 NGN
Minimum amount you can deposit on 1960bet still remains @ #50 no bonus below #1000 deposit and no extra charge for deposit with any deposit option on 1960bet online platform.
login then click on payout on top of 1960bet  web page or for new and old mobile users on the left vertical scroll of your browser.
Then enter your bank account details like account number, Name of account and amount to withdraw etc remember to cross check your account details to make sure they are correct within 24 hours your account will be credited and You will receive an alert.
Join 1960BET now for a Welcome Bonus of 100% of your first deposit up to 50,000 NGN.

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