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lionsbet payout/withdrawal solutions

Are you finding it difficult in withdrawing you winnings on lionsbet.com?

No too worry your solution is right here.

Have you try making payout from your lionsbet.com online account to your Bank account , and each time you apply for withdrawal you discovered  that the same amount has been reversed back to your lionsbet online account. 

NOW READ THIS .............

Please note: "Your Bank Account Name should Tally with Your LionsBet Account Name or else your withdrawal request will be reversed)"

This is a warning message you get above were you will fill your withdrawal details when ever you want to apply for withdrawal .

Maybe you do read it or you just neglect it each time you come across it.
Your lionsbet account name is  Okechukwu Ola .Remember your username could be anything you can think of .

 But your account name is the first and the last name you provided during signup/ Registration on lionsbet.com.

Now back to our Discussion , May be the Bank account name holder you provided  is John Okechukwu Ola lionsbet will never process such payout except you provide them with a valid I.D Card That could be your voters card, driving license , national I.D or maybe any other valid I.D 


Now Scan the front part of the I.D or use your phone camera to capture it.

make sure the details in front of the I.D is very Clear then forward it to this email address :support@lionsbet.com stating the challenge you are facing that warrants the sending of the message.

If possible include the account name on lionsbet account and also the name as found in your bank account.
After sending the mail wait between 30 minutes to an hour for immediate respond. 

If your request was not attended to within 24 hours contact them with this phone number:08094444035.

Hope this was helpful ...... help Share and comment below if it was helpful.