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1xbet 100% bet Insurance


Listen up bettors, this is golden. For just a token fee you can insure any amount of money you used to place a bet. This means even if you lose the bet your money is returned and you can still cash out. I’m sure you’re now wondering and thinking “what?”, let me explain.

Let’s say you place a bet with N5000 at Odds 2.0.

Now you want to insure 100% of this bet. 1xbet offers insurance at a price of N100. If you agree, your account will be charged for N100.

If the bet wins, the total amount ofN10,000 will be paid to you in full.

If the bet loses, your N5000 is returned to you because you insured the full stake amount(N5000)

That’s not all, you can even insure any percentage of your stake amount as you wish, be it 10%, 30%, or 50%. For example, a you can first insure 10%, then 30%, then another 50% just make sure the total amount of all bought insurances does not exceed 100% of the stake because that is not allowed.

Note that the cost of insurance depends on the current odds of the event to be insured and the insurance price can change in accordance with the current odds changes.

All being said, don’t dull on this, head over to 1xbet to maximize your wins with this feature.


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